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Confused About How To Move Forward? Have a Chat With Your Wise, Inner Crone

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It is estimated that within a single day we will make around 35,000 decisions.


From the moment we wake up until the moment our beautiful heads hit the pillow, we will be asked to make choices both critical and ordinary that little by little form the topography of our lives. Naturally, we desire to make the “right” choices for ourselves and this may propel us into the frustrating cycle of laboring over our choices for days, weeks, or even years, which in turn can weaken our confidence and erode our power.


It does not need to be this way.


At a time in history when women have an abundance of options available to them, both personally and professionally, decision-making calls for a deeper and more holistic navigation system.


Cue your inner crone. She has been lovingly waiting to meet you and will help pull you forward with her perspective.


Let us first remove the image of a crone as a haggard, old lady because I can assure you, she will not reveal herself to you that way.


My inner crone, for example, is luminous, with gorgeous silver hair and deep, exquisite lines at the corner of her eyes. She wears red lipstick, has class and a sense of humor. She is way over useless worry, people pleasing, the illusion of perfection, and petty drama. She has it way more together than I do.


As I have gone to my beautiful crone, time and time again, with decisions both large and small, I have learned to trust her. She comes up with solutions that my young nose, pressed up against the chalkboard, just can’t find. The next time you are laboring over a decision, I invite you to summon your inner crone with the following visualization…


Prepare for the introduction: Find or create a place where you can be alone for a substantial period of time. I suggest that you bring a pad of a paper and a pen for note-taking. Sit down in a comfortable position and straighten your spine. With your eyes closed, take three very deep breaths. Within your heart, declare that you are now ready to meet the wise old, woman in you. Thank her in advance for her presence.


Shift your energy: Focus your awareness on your breath or on the energy of your hands. The point here is to remove your Self from your current grooves of thinking. Better yet, try not to think at all. Move into the body and the breath. This may take some time. Stick with it. Meeting your inner crone is worth the effort. Empty your mind. How empty can it get? When it wanders, come back and breathe deeply. Once you get to the space where your mind is not running a mile a minute but has not yet stepped into visualization, stay there, if only for a few seconds. This is sacred ground.


Allow your crone to step into your awareness: Let your crone emerge. Don’t force, just allow. The moment you get a glimpse of her, you may find that a giant smile opens up across your face, for I am sure she is magnificent. See your wise, old self in front of you. Look into her eyes, see her face and allow a beam of white light to rush from your heart to hers. You are safe and you are in the presence of greatness. She is here to help you.


Ask: Ask your crone a clear and direct question and then listen. Really listen. She is not going to talk to your head, she is going to talk to your heart. Remember that she is decades away from where you are in your life right now, so her perspective is expansive, calm, and discerning. Absorb her wisdom. If you feel so inclined, take a moment to write down anything that she says. She will be waiting for you when you when you close your eyes again. Sit in the place of question-and-answer for as long as it feels good. You will know when it is time to wrap it up.


End with gratitude: Thank your inner crone for helping you and for being so fierce and steady. Thank your “now” self for showing up and being brave. Thank whatever or whomever feels right to you that this divine connection was made. You have everything you need inside of you to make conscious, deliberate and wise decisions. Your inner crone has your back. Lean on her. Invite her to guide you into sage choices for yourself and the world around you.


What problem could your inner crone help you to solve today?

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