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Grid Layout Four

The Power of Self-Touch

by February 2, 2021 0

When I first met my husband back in college, he used to press his palms down into the top of my head. He told me that he heard somewhere that it calms the body, as the feeling of pressure reminds the person of the time when they were in their mother’s womb. I had...

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Ode to Tantra: A Male Perspective

by August 22, 2017 0

I clearly remember the day back in 2009 when I opened my Google Alerts after recently setting up a “Los Angeles Tantra” weekly email update. Rhoda’s website was the first local tantric coaching service I discovered.   I was a starving artist with most of my income allocated to creative endeavors that lived...

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Celebrating Life Energy

by July 14, 2017 0

Look and feel this waterfall!   Sense it as an inspiration. See it as a mirror. Know it as an extension.     Our life energy can be best noticed in a waterfall.  It is bubbling with zest to meet the unknown. It knows no fear, no boundaries.  Its beauty is in surrendering to gravity...

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Embracing the Masculine Energy

by July 12, 2017 0

To the conscious masculine, your presence is such a blessing and loving gift.   Through you I learn what I need to discover about my feminine. Embracing you shows me how to dissolve boundaries on my heart. Letting you love me awakens Shakti, that I can invite more in my life.   It is...

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