August 13, 2022
  • August 13, 2022

Meditating on your Inner Superhighway

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Read this is in its entirety, and then try it on your own:


Close your eyes, and begin to quiet the mind.


Let the jaw drop open slightly. Begin to breathe through the mouth, deeply and with intent.


As the thoughts start to dissipate, focus on the base of the spine. Feel into this place, accepting whatever comes up.


Now, imagine you are very slowly drawing a line upward, moving from the base of the spine and going toward the head.


The key here is to draw this line slowly, taking your time, devoting your full presence to the Sushumna channel, and all of the energy that exists along it.


As you draw this line, pause along the way, wherever you feel the need to. This process should take about 10 – 20 minutes.


Once you’ve drawn your line to the point where it’s parallel with the third eye (between your brows), start to draw it straight into the third eye, and allow your focus to pool there.  


Feel the energy of the third eye. Then feel the way that energy merges with all other energies within.


Take a deep breath. Express gratitude for having the experience of this practice, and for all of the other elements, no matter how small, that make up your life.

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