When asked to reflect on the word brave and the bravest thing I have ever done, I think I am in the process of it now.


I am starting my own business: The Rainbow Butterfly Café (creating Artistic Treats to nourish the mind, heart and soul). Nothing in my life has felt scarier and more terrifying , yet my determination to move past the fear and get my company off the ground and build it into a financially sustainable creative business is something I am determined to do.


The learning curve is huge for me…


For many years I just thought I was an artist and the idea of being a business woman was so separate and now I’ve realized to create my art the way I want to create it. I need to become and embrace being an entrepreneur. So I recently launched my creative education and performing arts production company The Rainbow Butterfly Café.


I have cerebral palsy which mildly affects my speech and gait. I’ve been told I was brave many times… Although I know the sentiments are always well-intentioned, being told I’m brave just because I live my life with a disability always makes me feel a little uncomfortable.  


Starting my own business feels brave to me. I am stepping out on faith…facing my fears and doing it anyway — and any other cliché you can think of.  I am taking the risks and the gambles because I so believe in what I am doing and I want to make it succeed.


This truly is the bravest thing I have ever done.

~ Diana Elizabeth Jordan
Actor/ Creative Entrepreneur
Los Angeles, CA 
Diana Elizabeth Jordan is an actor, activist,  and creative entrepreneur  whose artistic passions extend in many directions. Her artistic passions include being am  artist educator, expressive arts facilitator, inspirational speaker.  Her mission as an artist   no matter what artistic hat she is wearing() is to entertain enlighten, empower and inspiring audiences through the power of the performing arts
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