January 22, 2022
  • January 22, 2022

The Relationship Between Men and Shakti

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The electricity of Shakti isn’t exclusive to women. It’s a power that is present in men, as well.

It’s an energy that pulsates through the inner currents of every being, every element, and every fiber of this universe. Shakti is the activating force; the power that fills up the vast space of static consciousness. Shakti blesses everything that she touches with wings, so that all may be liberated. So that all may feel the incomparable essence that they possess.

Since Shakti’s energy is of the goddess, and feminine in nature, some think that men have no means of accessing it. This couldn’t be further from the truth. This mindset has kept men in lockdown mode, cut off from knowing the infinite splendor of what they truly are.

There is a kernel of potential that lies at the heart of every man. This kernel encompasses the energies of love, compassion, receptiveness, grace, and gentleness. This kernel is waiting for Shakti’s blessing, so that it may reveal its contents.

Culture has presented men with very rigid boundaries, telling them to operate in ways that go against their natural feminine qualities. They are told to put all of their weight into masculine ideals of strength, ego, sex, and detachment. This way of being has tipped the balance in a patriarchal direction, causing women and anything feminine to be looked upon as weaker and less worthy.

Due to this imbalance, fear has had an opportunity to get its hooks in. The way I see it, many problems we’re facing today are because of our inability to truly honor and cherish the light of the feminine in everyone and everything we see.

In order to uproot the fear, we’ve got to empower each and every being to tap their feminine essence and reconnect to that natural vitality, that Shakti, that they carry within. This isn’t about taking sides and creating more division. It isn’t about pointing the finger and blaming either men or women for the way things are. It’s about truly honoring the sacred nature of every being in existence. And we can’t do that if we neglect the aspects of the self that are aligned to feminine qualities.

If you’re a man reading these words right now, it’s possible for you. You can reclaim your feminine power in a world that is constantly looking the other way, when it comes to seeing you for who you truly are. You can find more ways to express yourself, to demonstrate feelings of compassion, to nurture. You can look for opportunities to be more receptive. To slow down and not always be in action mode. You can carve out the space to connect more deeply with the women in your life, taking the time to deeply listen to their words, their feelings, their ideas.

And women: You can support men, as they find their way back home to themselves. You can honor them by also hearing them. Instead of judgment or criticism, gather up all the love in you and beam it in their direction. Hold space for them to flourish into the true fullness of their power. Also: Feel gratitude for men in taking on their role as the physical embodiment of the divine masculine; feel gratitude for all that they are teaching you.   

Let’s work together to restore the balance.

Infinite Blessings to all who are reading these words!  

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