August 13, 2022
  • August 13, 2022

Understanding The 3 Main Forms Of Shakti

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Shakti is the spark of your being. It’s the glow in your eyes, the thing that animates and informs your every outpouring of expression.


Shakti is a creative and empowering force nestled within the landscape of your precious body. It’s a lot like electricity. Alive. An ever-expanding flow, seeping through the vast and sophisticated network of your physical being.


There are 3 main forms of Shakti in existence within you.


The first form is called: Prana Shakti


Prana Shakti governs the stuff of your physical body. It dances amidst the organs, the cells, and the systems. This is what makes up your life force energy. It fills up all parts of you — the lungs, the heart, the spine, all of the subtle energy channels — infusing your body with a deep sense of vibrancy and wellbeing. When your Prana Shakti is flowing full-force, you feel tapped in; there is an intoxicating energy about you. One that can’t help but leak out and bless everything that you do and create.


The second form is called: Chitta Shakti


Chitta Shakti governs the place of your mind. Its energy is interlaced with your thoughts. Your ability to make decisions, to understand the universe within you and outside of you, to think from a space of sparkling clarity — that’s where Chitta Shakti comes in. A big aspect of this form of Shakti is its awe-inspiring ability to shut the door on the “monkey mind” — that inclination toward keeping the thoughts busy and overactive. When you’re drowning in endless thoughts, this means that your Chitta Shakti isn’t as balanced as it should be.   


The third form is called: Atman Shakti


This kind of Shakti informs the soul. It is madly intertwined with the divine. It expands upward, connecting us to a higher sense of consciousness. This form of energy allows you to feel the magnificence of your being and the way that magnificence expands and connects to every other aspect of our universe. When Atman Shakti is at work, you lose the idea of knowing yourself as a separate entity. You have a strong feeling and a tangible knowing about your integral role in the world as a whole.


A practice of meditation, mantra, chakra work, breathing exercises, and dance can bring these forms of Shakti to the surface. It’s about free-falling into the act of ritual, and finding yourself amidst the chaos that stirs in each moment.  


When all three of these forms work in harmony together, a fire wakes up in you. The sleep is plucked out of your eyes, and you are, at once, wildly awake.


This is what it means to live a life in devotion to Shakti. Devotion to Shakti is devotion to your authentic self. It’s a deep, intention-fueled bow to all beings, to all aspects of nature, and to the Creator that molded and shaped us with the energies of infinite love.


Namaste and Blessings to you!

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