August 13, 2022
  • August 13, 2022

Using The Power Of Your Voice To Magnify Your Field Of Energy

By on June 28, 2017 0 256 Views

When you speak, it should feel good to you.


Do you know what I mean?


The tones and inflections of your words — you should feel them vibrating within you. Massaging the dormant parts of you awake. Springing the soul of your being into action.


Sound is a powerful tool. It’s a mover of energy. It allows for flow to happen. It invites spontaneity, growth, and renewal, claiming the richness that exists just beyond your comfort zone.


When you’re speaking your truth, and you align that truth to the energy of the heart, the sound that your words create will be like medicine for anyone who listens to you. The frequency of your expression will rain light down upon anyone within earshot.  


When you withhold something, the vibrancy in you goes dim. You become cut off from yourself and from those around you. You can feel when that happens, can’t you? Because the energy never lies. It always reveals what’s happening, at any level, no matter how far below the surface it is.


Your ability to form mantras, to speak blessings, to whisper words of love, to chant your heart out — this is a gift. When you can use your own beautiful sound in a focused way, everything opens up. You can go deeper into your relationships. You can forge a new path; inspire a room of thousands, even millions. You can be the voice of reason, love, and understanding in a world that desperately needs it.


Right now, our culture is starving for sounds that empower and heal.  Sounds that come from the crevices of the soul, where the light pools. The sound of your voice, the power of your words — all of this is unique to you. All of this offers a frequency unlike any other, and you must make the choice to liberate that frequency.


Once you can do that: Your every word will be encoded with magic. The unstoppable force of your being will rise to the surface.


And then you will know the beauty of what you are. 

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