January 22, 2022
  • January 22, 2022

What The Goddess Kali Can Teach Us

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The old myths and tales of Kali’s origin are quite fascinating. The stories all reveal a goddess, created to vanquish evil forces. Kali is the warrior women on the battlefield, slaying demons and stringing their heads on a necklace like they were mere mala beads. She takes our ideas of the word “goddess” to a whole other level, leaving behind conventions of safety in the process.


Last year, I fell in love with the Goddess Kali. Despite the tongue, the blue skin, and the bloodthirsty nature of her expression in all the photos.


What happened was: I joined a group of fierce goddess-worshipping warrior women, and we poured over the teachings of Kali like our lives depended upon it. We immersed ourselves in ritual and ancient readings; got lost in the purifying potency of mantras and deep conversations about universal principles.  

It was uncomfortable work. I’m not going to say that the journey was an easy one. It wasn’t. But it was necessary.


Because I don’t think any of us are here to do things the easy way. We’re here to mess up. To retrace the inner and outer edges of our discomfort. To challenge ourselves to move forward with grace, through every heartache, every struggle, every loss.


And Kali is the ultimate teacher when it comes to dealing with the pain that comes with being tied to human form.


Don’t get me wrong: Life is dripping, in all directions, with the warm, intoxicating nectars of love, joy, and pleasure. In massive proportions, I would say. But the truth of who we are cannot come into full expression without opposition. Without the difficulties and sorrows that get thrown onto our path, just when we thought we were coasting along smoothly.


Kali has a way of digging up all of our inner aspects. Each one she unearths is like some giant stone, caked with dirt. There is brilliance beneath the muck, but Kali’s not concerned with this. Not just yet. Instead of wiping the dirt clean to show the fullness of the light that exists beneath it, she holds the stone up into the sky. Almost taunting you. Trying to get you to understand the beauty that exists in the discomfort.


She does this, not because she’s some evil monster. (Although, to be honest with you, I thought she was this for many years, whenever I saw photos of her!) She does this so that you can claim those parts of yourselves that you’ve buried. Because if you don’t, then what? You never move beyond them. You never get the chance to liberate the blazing truth of what you are.


The seed mantra of Kali is: KREEM


A seed sound is a bija mantra. It’s the seed in which all the power of Kali is contained.


Chanting this seed sound will give you aspects into deep and ancient truths. It will purify you and liberate the Shakti energy in and around your being. It is a seed sound that will bathe your body and your nervous system with the transformative, restorative energies of the Goddess.


Chant this one, over and over. Do it silently in your head, as you breathe deeply. Approach it with no expectations. Just a full heart, and an ability to trust that everything that you bump up against on your journey is sacred and necessary.  

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