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You Were Manifested. That Must Mean That Anything Is Possible.

By on June 29, 2017 0 271 Views

I want my words to hit you like thunderbolts. I want them to be potent and raw. So that you wake up to the real story of what you are. The story that has been buried within you for way too long.

You carry so much, each day. You wear the things of your past, in an effort to protect and define yourself. But when you do this, you limit the radiance that your natural being is yearning to express.

I know you don’t mean to do this. You mean to live your dreams. You mean to reach down, all the way in there, so that you can “suck out all the marrow of life,” as Thoreau put it. You mean to create fulfilling relationships. You mean to experience and see abundance everywhere you turn your head. You mean for your heart to be bursting with love and joy. You mean to create the things inside of you that are longing to be born.

You mean all this. And yet you live as if there are vacancies in the landscape of your soul. You are waiting, constantly, to be filled. By other people, by material things, by experiences. You are waiting for that one thing or that one person to come along and drip the essence of aliveness into you.

But this isn’t possible.

The aliveness that you seek is already present. Stop leaning forward, and straining your eyes in search of the next thing. It won’t fill you up in the ways that you deeply need. Find equilibrium, find balance, by coming back into alignment with what’s inside of you. Keep both of your feet planted on the ground and feel the magic of what you are.

Feel the miracle present in your every breath. The fact that you are here, that you were manifested, is expressing something powerful about what is possible. The precious and sacred being that you are was created, was placed on this universe, to have this unique experience in this unique time. What was a distant fluttering of an idea 1,000 years ago has actually manifested and come into form. As you.

If you can understand the power in this, then you can understand that anything is possible. You can manifest and create whatever it is you want. You can shake away all of the things that have stung you, all of the pains that currently press on your heart, and you can embrace a deeper and higher purpose. You can choose not to get in your own way, so that you can live out the fullness of this one amazing life that you’ve been blessed with.

Heart-infused blessings to you!

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